About our Union

The International Union of Writers (hereinafter – the IUW) has been established in Paris in 1954
and is the world’s largest organization of literary professionals. Since 2010, the main division is
located in Moscow. The IUW unites writers’ unions in more than 40 nations, and works to
protect the social and professional rights of writers and journalists.
The authorities of many countries around the world recognize the IUW, and its certificate
provides to a writer or a journalist unhindered access to many events of interest and even
provides the ability to contact government and municipal institutions for specific information.
A basic principle of the IUW is to remain “above politics”, to provide its members with a range
of opportunities to develop and express their creative potential within traditional democratic
values without getting involved in local or international cashes.

Лауреат премии Золотой венец поэт из ЮАР В.Сироте и российский делегат поэт Цветная на Международном поэтическом фестивале в городе Струга (Македония), 2012 г. Выступление наших делегатов на Международном фестивале Стружские вечера поэзии, 2012 г. Поэт Евгений Рейн, ведущий мастер-классов школы букеровских лауреатов, в Милане, 2012 г. Наша делегация на фестивале поэзии в Болгарии с поэтом из Польши Александром Навроцким (второй слева), 2012 г.

In the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other European international
organizations, the presentation of the IUW certificate is sufficient not only to gain access to
information, but also to assist in the preparation and dissemination of materials, as well as in
other matters of activity on the territory of the EU. In many countries, the membership of the
IUW grants free access to museums, exhibitions, sports competitions and other public events. In
some countries, the IUW certificate provides benefits for public transport, etc.

У микрофона Максим Замшев и председатель фестиваля поэзии в Болгарии Славянские объятия министр культуры Варны Елка Няголова, 2012 г.

At the microphone Maxim Zamshev and Chairman of the Poetry Festival in Bulgaria «Slavic Embrace» Minister of Culture of Varna Elka Nyagolova, 2012

An ISP certificate is valid only if it contains the owner’s coordinates, his signature, and the
signatures of the IUW coordinator.
Our Union’s members and candidates have the right to be nominated for international prizes and
awards, have certain benefits when publishing books and promoting abroad.

Драматург и прозаик Александр Гриценко и английский романист Тибор Фишер у стенда Интернационального Союза писателей на Лондонской книжной ярмарке, 2013 г. Прекрасная половина нашей делегации на Парижском книжном салоне, 2012 г. После презентации сборника наших авторов на шведском языке в Мальмё, 2012 г. Слева направо: координатор шведской литературной ячейки Лидия Эльфстранд; поэт из Крыма Нина Плаксина; поэт Максим Замшев; драматург и продюсер Александр Гриценко. Писатель Дмитрий Володихин берёт интервью у нашего автора Саши Кругосветова.

Writer’s passport issued to members of the International Union of Writers

паспорт1паспорт4  член статус паспорт2 паспорт3

President of the International Union of Writers:

Michael Suenwick (representative functions)

Chairman of the Board:



Gritsenko Alexander Nikolaevich (organization management)


Chairman of the Public Council:

Khusnulin Ravil Kamilevich

Chairman of the selection committee:

Scherbak Andrey Viktorovich

Chairman of the award committee:

Volodikhin Dmitry Mikhailovich

Chairman of the Audit Commission:

Mamontov Alexander Stepanovich


Members of the Presidential Council

1. Baikalov Dmitry Nikolaevich

2. Gritsenko Alexander Nikolaevich

3. Gromov Dmitry Evgenievich

4. Gusakov Gleb Vladimirovich

5. Divov Oleg Igorevich

6. Zlotnikov Roman Valerievich

7. Kedrov Konstantin Alexandrovich

8. Ladyzhensky Oleg Semenovich

9. Lapkin Lev Yakovlevich

10. Kudykov David

11. Lesin Evgeny Eduardovich

12. Mamontov Alexander Stepanovich

13. Nikitin Yuri Anatolievich

14. Sviridenkov Maxim Petrovich

15. Sinitsyn Andrey Timofeevich

16. Slavnikova Olga Alexandrovna

17. Tibor Fischer

18. Branko Cvetkoski

19. Lukyanenko Sergey Vasilievich


Governing body

First Secretary of the Board — Galina Berezina

Vladimir Golubev

Anton Sviridenko

Alexander Navrotsky

Andrey Viktorovich Shcherbak-Zhukov

Branko Cvetkoski

Nikolay Kalinichenko



Please contact us for more information: info@inwriter.ru
Questions about the rules for joining the Union can be asked here: sekretariat@inwriter.ru